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Finally Folk

Finally Folk Album
"Finally Folk"

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Haunted by Numbers

Haunted by Numbers Album
"Haunted by numbers"

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Finally Folk Album

Finally Folk

Haunted by Numbers Album

Haunted By Numbers

2Haunted By Numbers
3Living Joke Without A Punchline
4Getaway Car
5Take Me To The Edge Of The Night
6Do Me Now
7Gimme More
8Just A Good Friend
9Breakin' Up
10Love In A Hurry
11Hold On To You
12Four Pieces
13The Long Goodbye

Ramble and Roam Album

Ramble and Roam

1The Abyss of Greed
2Back on Square One
4I´ll Kill the DJ (If he´s gonna play this song)
5Till the Sun Burns Out
6Once in a While
7Have some Fun
8Save Me
9Still my Heart Goes Out to You
11On my Own
12Carios Moon
13Ramble and Roam


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